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Everything you need to build, launch and scale decentralized solutions and applications.

Configure, launch and scale decentralized solutions

Solutions are what users see, touch and interact with. We provide an extensive solution logic kit for companies to build solutions and applications that solve specific problems within their industries. Choose between authentication, verification, payment solution logic and more. Configure, launch and scale, all from one place. Powered by our Distributed Ledger Technology.


Vehicles are no longer machines that get us from A to B. They are active participants in a new digital economy. peaq allows vehicles to autonomously pay, charge, authenticate and more, while instantly monetizing the value they create.

Mobility solutions


Immutability, authenticity and verifiability set Distributed Ledger Technology apart as the secure digital infrastructure of the future. peaq leverages these qualities to secure your digital and physical assets.

Security Solutions

Supply Chain

Much of today’s trade is highly inefficient. Using peaq, collaboration between stakeholders can be simplified, data integrity can be verified and trust between actors can be guaranteed, to create seamless digital ecosystems.

Supply Chain Solutions

Self-Sovereign Identity

Today our identities are dependent on organisations and institutions. In the near future our identities and those of machines, vehicles and businesses will be self-sovereign. We will own and control our data and identity. peaq makes this possible.

How it works