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Build and configure neutral platform infrastructure for your solutions.

Decentralized technology.
Neutral platforms. One ecosystem.

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

By 2030 businesses, institutions, people and machines will have digital twins which exist in a world parallel to this one. By handling everything in the digital world, they will make business processes and transactions in our real world automatic, secure, direct and instant while enabling new business models. Our platforms enable this. We provide you with everything you need to build decentralized solutions and applications on top of secure, neutral platform infrastructure.

People, Things & Organisations

Interacting directly, autonomously and instantly.

peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform

Enterprise Platforms

Neutral infrastructure and business logic.

peaq blockchain platform
peaq blockchain platform

Interoperability Platform

Decentralized. Open. Web3-ready.

peaq blockchain platform

Enterprise Platforms

Neutral infrastructure for decentralized solutions and applications.

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

Enterprise platforms are the neutral business infrastructure upon which decentralized solutions are built. They allow all stakeholders to govern and maintain the ecosystems they create together, enabling new ways of collaborating and doing business. Enterprise platforms are powered by our Distributed Ledger Technology.

peaq enterprise platform


The most critical difference between the digital infrastructure of today and of tomorrow is who governs it. Today power is in the hands of a few, but using enterprise platforms, all stakeholders can directly co-govern and maintain the infrastructure they use.


Today’s centralized infrastructure is plagued with fragmentation issues. Systems work against rather than with each other. Our platforms unite stakeholders and make intermediaries semi or fully redundant. Interoperability is key to scalability and efficiency.

with trust

Every action and transaction taking place on-platform is recorded fully transparently on peaq’s DLT, visible and verifiable to all platform stakeholders. There is no better technology to ensure trust and open collaboration between stakeholders than Distributed Ledger Technology.


Enterprise platforms enable fully automated, peer-to-peer business processes and transactions. These are based on business logic which is agreed on by stakeholders and executed by smart contracts. Settlements are instant. Intermediaries, not needed.

Resilient and

Today’s systems are prone to all kinds of attacks because of their single points of failure. Enterprise platforms remove these points of failure by design. Decentralised governance means that power does not lie in the hands of one stakeholder but democratically among all.

Data is

No more data silos. With enterprise platforms you can create an interconnected data ecosystem which includes all stakeholders. Every relevant person, thing or entity can share data openly in a trusted environment while maintaining full ownership over it.

Interoperability Platform

One decentralized platform uniting a vast ecosystem.

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

The Interoperability Platform enables seamless value exchange and an impenetrable layer of security and transparency between Enterprise Platforms and the solutions built on top of them. It's a fully decentralized public network based on our Distributed Ledger Technology, which brings all stakeholders together via one open Economy of Things ecosystem.

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peaq interoperability platform
peaq access control

peaq access control

Decentralized permission and access control system that enables streamlined, transparent cross-system access control management of all access points via one platform.

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peaq e mobility platform

e-mobility platform

We’ve been working with a world leading car manufacturer for over two years on an e-mobility platform that will drastically increase demand for electric vehicles in Germany, Europe and the world.

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peaq iot billing

peaq IoT roaming

We’re working with leading telecommunications providers on a pay-per-use billing and roaming platform for IoT networks. The platform will be operated by all stakeholders and will solve critical industry-limiting issues with settlements and billing.

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Tools to build, use and scale platforms

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

As one of the only full stack blockchain development companies in the world, we’ve gone all the way in ensuring our partners and customers have everything they need to build, configure, deploy and scale decentralized platforms and set new standards for their industries.

peaq explorer

Transparent process monitoring and verification.

The peaq explorer allows stakeholders to interact directly with the ledger. All business processes for all solutions run through a platform and all platforms are built on peaq’s Distributed Ledger Technology. Anyone with appropriate access rights can view, monitor and search through data on the ledger. The peaq explorer is easily configurable and can be adapted to suit any platform or solution. A public peaq explorer will be set up for the Interoperability Platform.

peaq blockchain explorer
peaq dagchain blockchain technology key controller private

peaq key controller

Secure private key storage and management.

The peaq key controller is an easy-to-use private key storage system which businesses can offer to their customers. It allows users to access their wallets using a username and password. This is more familiar, simpler and faster than storing keys manually, and does not jeopardise security. The peaq key controller also allows users to reset their account if and when necessary.

peaq console

Build, configure and deploy decentralized platforms.

The peaq console will be the user interface for platforms. Users will use the console to set up platforms the same way companies use cloud consoles like AWS. With the peaq console, users will be able to easily configure and deploy platforms, select or create smart contracts, manage users and devices, define and refine governance mechanisms, vote, and connect systems and devices via APIs.

peaq dagchain blockchain technology console

Get started with peaq. Gain an edge.

peaq’s platform technology is already being used by some of the world’s largest companies. Wherever you are on your decentralization journey, we will guide you to where you need to be.