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peaq access control enables businesses to easily manage all access points from one place with unprecedented levels of security and at a fraction of the cost.

What is peaq access control?

Secure your business with blockchain.

peaq access control is a blockchain based permission and access control system which allows organisations to manage all access rights and permissions from one place. peaq access control can be integrated with physical access points such as doors, locks and vehicles as well as digital access points such as networks and directories.

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peaq blockchain access control

Key Benefits

peaq access control is the first fully-functional access control management system to run on blockchain. Become a first mover in your industry and benefit from new features and functionalities for your business, your team and your customers.

cross system access control peaq


Cross-System Access Rights

Access rights of entire organisations can be managed via one system. Users can be grouped based on their roles and access groups can be created, assigned, managed and revoked accordingly. This reduces manual work and limits human error.

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save cost blockchain peaq


Save on Support

Managing of all access permissions simultaneously is made fast, easy and transparent. Access to the system can be shared with external support teams without jeopardising user privacy or security - all while maintaining full GDPR compliance.

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easy integration blockchain peaq


Easier Integration

Only devices that have been activated and granted access management permissions on the blockchain can be added to the system. This means that organisations can eliminate the need to check if devices are verified or not, saving costs.

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blockchain fraud protection peaq


Fraud Protection

An immutable record of all access management actions will allow the parties involved to protect themselves against fraud by proving all occurrences with precision. It leaves no possibility of untracked access or fraud.

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no hidden charge blockchain peaq


No Hidden Changes

All access management actions are performed as immutable blockchain transactions. There is no more threat of unauthorised access leading to hidden changes in databases while the overall risk of being compromised is greatly reduced.

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permanent analytics peaq blockchain


Permanent Analytics

Organisations will be able to keep analytics data indefinitely. Entire access and management histories will remain - even after deleting user data. The data is anonymous and GDPR compliant by detaching user information from analytics data.

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Access Control Hub

Manage All Systems Simultaneously

peaq access control functions as a platform with which all kinds of access control and management systems can integrate. By integrating with the peaq access control platform, access control systems open themselves up to more potential clients. Every access control system added to the platform represents a further potential option for end-users.

Transparent Record System

Easy Monitoring & Troubleshooting

By shifting access control management onto the blockchain each action, record and update is recorded on an immutable ledger as a permanent transaction. A fully transparent ledger leaves no room for hidden actions. Monitoring is made easy, fully transparent and reliable, speeding up the process of troubleshooting issues for support teams.

Permanent Records and Histories

Fully GDPR Compliant

The entire access management history, including all actions, updates and records, are stored on the blockchain where it cannot be tampered with, altered without authorisation or unduly deleted. All of this while maintaining full GDPR compliance by detaching the user information from the access management data.

Non-Personalised Data

Privacy Leakage Prevention

By detaching user information from access data, all access rights and actions are non-personalised and privacy leakages are prevented. The databases storing the relations between non-personalised access rights, actions and users or devices are managed independently.

Integration Options

Whether you're a large corporation looking to streamline your access management systems or a startup seeking a competitive edge, our team will help you pick the option which suits your needs best.

Standalone Integration

Standalone Integration works best for organisations which want to host the peaq Access Control on premise.

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API Integration

API integration is the best way to integrate the system if you do not want to run the entire system in-house.

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Reduce costs and strengthen security today.

Whether your main concern is security of commercial or private property, access to hardware such as phones, computers and devices, or digital access points such as networks and directories - the peaq access control system can be easily integrated and leveraged to grant you that competitive edge.