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Our novel Distributed Ledger Technology powers our platforms and solutions.

EV Charging Platform

We’re developing a neutral e-mobility platform that enables electric vehicles to charge at any charging station by providing charging stations and electric vehicles with Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs). The business logic needed to conduct each charging session is executed using smart contracts on peaq. The decentralized charging platform is being developed with a German automotive group and is in the Mass Production stage.

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Pay-Per-Use Models

Our technology enables pay-per-use models where private and corporate vehicles owners - as well as decentralized autonomous vehicles in the future - are charged precisely, securely, instantly and on a peer-to-peer basis for everything from insurance, to border tolls, to charging. Through our partnership with CashOnLedger we’re allowing traditional, fully regulated financial systems such as the e-euro to seamlessly integrate with vehicles and machines.

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OTA Vehicle Updates

Our technology helps to mitigate the risk of connected and autonomous vehicles being hacked, by enabling secure over-the-air (OTA) updates and detection of security vulnerabilities Through our partnership with asvin we’re making it possible to track and monitor the integrity and security status of vehicle software in the production process and while operating in vehicles. We’re also implementing mechanisms that prevent supply chain attacks.

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Lifecycle Management

We’re making it possible to have every vehicles’ entire lifecycle transparently recorded on an unalterable ledger. By tracking a vehicle’s life journey on peaq as a digital twin, all parties and stakeholders can trust in usage and ownership records, preventing fraud and enabling pay-per-use insurance, among many other applications.

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